Market News

6/05/2016 11:15 AM

News Corp reports $149m quarterly loss

(BBC News) Rupert Murdoch's media empire News Corp posts a quarterly loss in the three months to March, due to a legal settlement charge.
6/05/2016 9:09 AM

The tech helping us work together wherever we are

(BBC News) Together, apart: The tech helping the world collaborate
6/05/2016 7:56 AM

BHS inquiry chairman 'should resign'

(BBC News) The former owner of BHS, Sir Philip Green, has called on the chairman of a Commons committee examining the collapse of the UK chain to resign.
6/05/2016 3:51 AM

Common Sense: Facebook Has 50 Minutes of Your Time Each Day. It Wants More.

(NY Times) The average person spends more time on Facebook than any other leisure activity surveyed by the government except watching TV and movies.
6/05/2016 3:12 AM

Australian Ends Attempt to Prove He Founded Bitcoin

(NY Times) Craig Steven Wright has claimed to be the creator of the online currency, but on Thursday withdrew an offer to provide more evidence.
6/05/2016 1:57 AM

Fund raising move hits Centrica shares

(BBC News) The FTSE 100 closed flat, but British Gas owner Centrica sank 10% after it announced plans to raise more capital through a share sale.
6/05/2016 1:25 AM

Alibaba Sales Up 39% on Increased Consumer Spending in China

(NY Times) The e-commerce giant said a revenue surge showed the power of the Chinese consumer, even as it faces the longer-term challenge of that country's slowdown.
5/05/2016 11:57 PM

Sanofi Threatens to Take Medivation Offer to Shareholders

(NY Times) The French drugmaker said it believed it had “overwhelming support” from Mediviation's shareholders for a merger.
5/05/2016 11:57 PM

Sanofi Trades Volleys With Medivation in $9.3 Billion Offer

(NY Times) The French drugmaker said it believed it had “overwhelming support” from Medivation's shareholders for a merger, and Medivation still said no.
5/05/2016 11:35 PM

BT in 'ultra-fast' broadband promise

(BBC News) BT Group says it plans to invest £6bn in faster broadband and mobile services but Sky says the plan has 'limited ambition'.
5/05/2016 11:12 PM

Alibaba profits soar on mobile sales

(BBC News) The world's biggest e-commerce company Alibaba reports a 193% jump in annual profits as sales on mobile devices jump.
5/05/2016 10:58 PM

What in the World: Rents in London? If You Have to Ask ...

(NY Times) An average apartment in London now costs nine-tenths of an average worker's pay.
5/05/2016 10:52 PM

Airbnb looking 'beyond accommodation'

(BBC News) Airbnb's chief technology officer says the company is looking at pairing guests and hosts for activities.
5/05/2016 10:15 PM

Bitcoin 'creator' cancels proof

(BBC News) Craig Wright, the Australian entrepreneur who has claimed to be the inventor of Bitcoin, reneges on a promise to provide "extraordinary proof".
5/05/2016 9:58 PM

Fraudsters 'using the dead' in scam

(BBC News) Fraudsters are impersonating homeowners who have recently died or solicitors in order to steal money in mortgage transactions.

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